Should You Use Pinterest for Your Local Business?

Pinterest is fast becoming a staple in the social media marketing world. But just because it is an option, should you use it to promote your local business? Let’s examine further.

About Pinterest Traffic

First of all, why should you care about Pinterest – you already have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Why do you want yet another social media platform to maintain?


Should You Use Pinterest To Gain Traffic to Your Site?

Consider the following before jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon.

  • Does your product or service lend itself well to images? Pinterest is a very visual platform, so companies that sell products that photograph well will excel in this area. If your item is something that can’t be conveyed in images, Pinterest may not be the best choice.
  • Is your target market women aged 25-34? While other people certainly use Pinterest, this demographic is the typical user.
  • Can you commit to regularly pinning items? The decay life of a pin is very rapid, even more so than a Facebook post. If you plan to use Pinterest to promote your local business, you will need to commit to a regular schedule for adding pins to drive traffic back to your site.

Pinterest can be a very effective tool for gaining traffic to your local business website if it makes sense for your company.


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