All About Twitter Chats

What is a Twitter Chat?

Multiple people gather on Twitter at a specified time and share thoughts on a particular topic and amend the same hashtag to their posts.

Using a chat designated hashtag allows participants to follow along with the conversation.

Why Should I Participate in Twitter Chats?

Twitter Chats will introduce you to a people who are interested in the same things you are.

You will find people to follow and most likely others will follow you.

And along the way, you will learn the opinions, tips and additional interesting items on your topic.

How Do I Find a Chat to Participate In?

Google Docs spreadsheet  While it is helpful, you will have to search through it to find relevant hashtags. It is kind of cumbersome.

List of Twitter Chats by Category

Or, if you are having trouble finding one using these resources, try looking at the Twitter feeds of people in your industry.

While not necessary, lots of chats have ‘chat’ in the hashtag, so see if you can find any of these in the tweets of others. (Ex: #SkiersChat for people who enjoy skiing)

How Do I Best Participate?

A word of warning – Twitter Chats go very quickly. It is OK not to read every single tweet posted in a chat. Just follow along and jump in when you can.

Add items of value, and be sure to retweet others in the chat when they post something worthy.

A great tool for Twitter Chats is called Tweet Chat. By connecting to your Twitter account and entering the hashtag you are following, this tool will filter Twitter by this hashtag.

Twitter Chats can be intimidating, but just jump in and you will get the hang of it.

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